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Photo Pick-up Page.

This page is for the People who send us photo's today
and need them Yesterday.
Click on your name to see your finished photos

{Finished Work-Name List}*{How to Save Your Work}


How to get your finished work from this site.

Right click on the photo..
On the drop-down list click (save-as) and

save it in a folder where you can find it in your system..
ie.My Briefcase
(name it whatever you want)

Thats it, now your ready to use your Photos on the World Wide Web

or in the application of your choice...
they are in .gif or .jpg format
(Thanks for the business..)

If you need some Web ready Clip-art for your Web Pages go to
{The Site Page}


Finished Work List-{click on your name}


Pic2-Stock Rods.gif
Pic3-Monte Carlo.gif-

Job {two}2
Pic #1-House1.gif
Pic #2--House2.gif

Job {three}3
Pic #1--(Showing)-Foot Print.gif
Pic #2--Poster.gif
Pic #3--Shrouds House.gif

Job {four}4
Pic #1-(Showing)-Fire Truck.gif
Pic #2--Old School.gif
Pic #3--Fire House.gif
Pic #4--Municipal Building.gif

Job {five}5
Pic #1--2 dogs.jpg
Pic #2--2 girls.jpg
Pic #3--cat1.jpg
Pic #4--cat2.jpg
Pic #5--cute.jpg
Pic #6--doggie.jpg
Pic #7--wedding.jpg

your photos here..

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