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HTML Goodies-- A good site which features HTML tutorials, plus a lot of of buttons and bars, and also a section filled with Java scripts.

THE ULTIMATORIUM--Everything you will ever need to know about creating web pages plus oriogional art work in Dan's Psycho-Delic Art Galleries.

WebNovice Online--This is a great place to pick up the basics befor starting yoour web project, if you havent worked with web authoring before now.

PURP'S WORLD--HTML tips, graphic tips, free graphics and a lot of FUN.

Professional Web Design-- Provides information from the bare basics up to sophisticated JavaScript..It also has some great Web Page Resources.

C & B WEB DESIGN--They design web pages for people for FREE.

Web Artist -- Download a electronic book (with graphics) to learn the art of web basics, Web Artist is a DOS program which works well under Windows (W3.1 & W95).

THE ULTIMATE DESKTOP PUBLISHING RESOURCE SITE--Clip art, backgrounds and links with a message board if you have questionsor answers on publishing.

The HTML Reference Library for Win95--For advice, examples and reference material for HTML coding, learn how to create animated GIFs, CGI scripts, Java, JavaScript and a lot of other stuff for WebMasters,


There are Two types of Editors-(Code Based) & (WYSIWYG, =what you see is what you get). Code based come in different types and all have their good and bad points. SUGGESTION-down load a few different ones this way what one can't do another one will. Now the WYSIWYG Editor is just what the name says, you can see your creation as you type your text into the program.

*******Windows -Win95, Win98 & Win XP*******

HTML ASSISTANT PRO-(code-based)Excellent page wizards and tag formating, it will have you up and going in no time.

8LEGS WEB STUDIO-(code-based)great for Win95 users, can be used as a beginners program, but has advanced features and site creation capabilities .

INTERNET ASSISTANT-(wysiwyg )great program for creating web pages but you need word for windows installed on your computer to us it. This program is downloadable from Microsoft.

NETSCAPE NAVIGATOR GOLD-(wysiwyg)-very easy to learn and use.

FLEX ED-(code-based)has a great HTML tag bar that lets you get started quickly putting out pages.

HOME SITE 1.2-(H.T.M.L easy to use editor)

REVOL WEB WORKER-(codebased)-Good for Win95 users.. It is an unusral but full featured package complete with wizards to help you along.

TC DIRECTOR-(code-based)-Comes complete witth strong site-management tools.

ALO PRESS-(wysiwyg)-This software offers a great degree of HTML creativity.

IN-CONTEXT SPIDER-(code-based)-This offers a two-pane view of your creation in progress. A code-based view on one side and a WYSIWYG on the other.

HTMLed PRO-(code-based)-This requires that you know HTML but the excellent tool bars let you put your knowledge to use fairly easily..Good for advanced users.


PAGE SPINNER-A good editor for high maintenance types. Has a great HTML assiatant for creating Frames and Tables.

WORLD WIDE WEB WEAVER-Offers a great table editor and preview system, but it is made for more independent people to use with less handholding.

BBEdit LITE-Excellent for the veterans who like to write in plain text..The software is fast and efficient.


CGI Scripts & Resources from Desktop Publishing, an excellent resource for scripts. a good selection of free Java applets.

Dynamic HTML Guru Resources see what you can do with DHTML.

Java Goodies one of the BIGGEST selections of free Java scripts we have found.

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript about . I now author scripts at:

Great scripts - Get your scripts here, where the content is still free and no cookies are dropped. (

The CGI REsource Index --links to scripts in dozens of categories.

FreeCode plenty of free programming source codes. [ Java, CGI, C++, etc.]

The JavaScript Source-- free JavaScripts which you can copy.

Matts Script Archive This is the most famous script resource site on the Net, check it out !

Fluid Dynamics: Freeware CGI Collection free CGI scripts a fairly good slection.

Dream Catchers CGI Scripts a great collection of free, free, free CGI scripts.

WebReference --truly great collection of free JavaScripts and plenty of advice on HTML.

The Coders Archive Center-- DTHML, JavaScript and Java with examples of each.

The Scripts Home -- resource for scripts on the Net.

Virtual Maxs Café --a nice collection of home-grown Java applets and Scripts.


*******Windows - Win95, Win98 & Win XP*******

PAINT SHOP PRO--This program will read any type of graphic under the sun and will let you convert from one format to another..This is one of the Best.

VUEPRINT-This is another good image editor that lets you play music and video files.

AWAVE-Will let you open hundreds of sound files and edit them to your personal tast.


FREE ART-Graphics and Buttons add sparkle to your pages..Here you can get pre-fab buttons or make your own.

GRAPHIC CONVERTER-Here you get basic drawing tools and the ability to convert to a list of different formats..There are also a few photo-manipulation options.

GIF BUILDER--If you want to make your graphics animated this is the place for you..A simple drag, drop and save will make it happen just down-load gif builder and your ready to go.

COLORSIEVE- This little program can display the color information of any pixel on your screen..Excellent for matching up RGB colors in a graphic.

TRANSPARENCY-A good uility for creating transparent gif's.

WEBMAP-If you ever want to make your graphics into clickable image maps this program is the one you want. You can use various shapes to put hot areas on your graphics or create you own.


The Complete Midi File Directory --Are you in need of music for your site ?? This site has the links you need to get the files you are looking for.

SOUND MACHINE-Use this to add rhythm to your pages. This is an audio player that you can loop, change speeds, switch formats and do all sorts of other neet things.


CLIP ART / GRAPHICS-(plain & animated)

FREE GRAPHICS NET-Plenty of FREE Graphics for your Web Pages or Site.

FOTO-SEARCH - Stock Photos and Graphics by Foto Search

ACE OF SPACE--Backgrounds by Sharon who offers lots of Backgrounds, and many more links to where you can find more of them.A great resource.

PHOTOfree-- hundreds of Photos in 18 categories and many sub-categories. All photos are completely free to use as you wish.

THE BACKGROUND DELI--Plenty of backgrounds served up here, with free delivery to your home.

Free Graphics--the best starting places for finding graphics there are links to hundreds of sites offering everything from ‘Web Graphics’ to "Online Create Your Own". There are 11 major categories.

Jelane's-{Free Web Graphics}--full sets of graphics for homepages ect.

Being Seen--{Free Web Graphics}-- full of all types of graphics for use on web pages and sites.

ANDY`s ART ATTACK-(Web Graphic Design At Its Best)Home of the free origional gif89 animations, buttons & backgrounds,as well as great Photoshop & HTML tips !

The Banner Generator--Need a banner, have one created on the spot.!-- the best free Animated GIF Site for WebMasters on the Web!

Bimsans-{Web Graphics}--complete matching suites of buttons, backgrounds and signs.

KITTY'S GRAPHICS INDEX--A site with some great animations and web graphics. --you can use a logo generator to create a fancy logo for your site/page, in a number of styles, while you wait. Images are presented in JPG format and are delivered quickly to you.

VENTANA'S CLIP ART ARCHIVES--Lots of great graphics, links and plenty of information.

CHRISTIAN CLIP ART--The name says it all.

THE DESIGN SHOP-(Give your web pages a touch of class)

PLANTATION OF ANIMATIONS-Here you will find many animations that you may download for your homepage.

MARK'S CYBERZONE WEB ART-Web graphic sets, animated lines as well as buttons, backgrounds and links.

ICON BAZAAR--This site has lots of Icons, buttons, lines, arrows. ect.

THE CLIP ART CONNECTION--Just as it says clip art & links.

VIRTUAL GRAPHICS--A little bit of everything for your pages.

NOETIC ART--Containes original, free clip art for your web pages.


FREE LOADER-(Down loads Web sites for latter browsing)

Internet Explorer 5.5, 6.0 & 7.0 - This is the latest version of a great web browser available on the Microsoft web page.


FreeForm--If you would like to add a reply form to your site/page, check this out.. a CGI-based form mailer which does not require you to know any programming . Fill in the on-line form and within seconds your form is created and ready to use.

VantageNet--You can use this site to put a free poll on your website which can be modified with font colors, color backgrounds, images, etc to ask visitors spicific questions.


Achievement International--Will accept applications for free web hosting, but your site must be 200 Kb or smaller..

ArrowWeb--Gives you half a Meg space, unlimited hits and full FTP upload and download access, but reserves the right to decline anything but G- and PG rated pages.

Angelfire--Here you can up-load up to 200 K of web pages. This is a real high traffic site, but relies on the do-it your self directions.

CRHome Student--This web site offers up to 500 Kb of space for your pages, but you must be a student.

Town Square 2000--A fast growing community of home pages that is entrepreneur friendly..Good for up to 3 pages..Site favors US robotics customers.

InfoChase--Here you will find a well structured server along with built-in graphics and sound files. You can add your own but only small down-loads are allowed.

WebSpawner--Very easy set-up, good for up to 25 K of text (graphics can be accommodated). Limited in free services.

Tool-Box--If you have a small business here you get 1 business page and a personal page. Each page is subject to approval.

Tripod--This is a high traffic site with plenty of content..Some features rely on do-it yourself directions. But is still a good spot to set up home.

GeoCities--Everyone can get free space up to (1 meg) to put up a web site. You can apply for space in a particular area of the virtual community, just no password protected pages.

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Note: The Domain Name Registrations FEE is $70.00 for the first year and $35.00 per year after that.

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URL Registration (FREE)

Yahoo-One of the most used search engines..User friendly URL submission.

Infoseek-Excellent for use with key words..Put your site/pages here

Excite-Excellent search results..add your site/pages here.

Alta Vista--One of the top engines to post your site/pages.

URL Registration (Free & Small Fee)

Most all of the Major Search Engines & Directories have an area where you can add your Web page URL or Site URL for FREE.
Click Here for a List of about 500+ Search Engines & Direcories with Links to each.
(-: Have FUN. :-)

Small Fee
Disk Works of South Jersey- URL Submission Service
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url link URL addresses included too.


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*******Windows - Win95, Win98 & Win XP*******

NetTerm-Excellent for Win95, Win 98 & Win XP systems.

QVTNet-Available at all Windows shareware sites.

Simp Term-Available at all Windows shareware sites.

WS-FTP-This is probably the Best FTP client you can download.

CuteFTP-Available for windows 3.11, Win95, Win98 & Win XPsimilar to WS-FTP but both support entirely different interfaces.

FTP Icon Connection-An good Explorer client for Win95, Win 98 & Win XP the only problem is that it as trouble connecting to unusual UNIX systems.


Fetch-(Mac-intosh)--A simple Mac app that allows you to point & click, drag & drop file transfers to and from any machine with an FTP server.

NCSA TelNet-(Mac-intosh)--This program allows you to log on to a remote computer and download your files..You can also use it to log on to chat lines to keep from getting lonely while your creating your web pages.


Happy shareware list will make you happpy too). library)Thousands of shareware titles. Collection of Windows Utilities) 3.11,Windows 95, Win98 & Win XP. is one of the BIGGEST indexes of shareware)If you can't find it here , you won't find it anywhere.

FREE COUNTERS a real cool counter for your web pages, no cgi scripts needed..Auto load and up-dated..Perfect for beginners.

Site Meter


You now have a Web Site, and you are thinking mabe I can use it to generate some money to help pay for some expences. The links below are FREE to sign up for. You place their banners on your pages with the URL (I.D) they send you. When your visitors click on the banner to check them out & sign up for the services you get paid a monthly percent of what they spend.

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Web Site Data

Psychology Department@University of Tromso
Tromso, NORWAY

Random numbers were used to pick random words in the index of the Encyclopedia Britannica. These nouns and names were entered into the HotBot search-engine. For the first site offered, the creator's or webmaster's email address was recorded. Four lists of 300 random addresses were compiled. 50% of the addresses were commercial, 16% educational, 5% organizational, 1% governmental.
Invitations were sent in 2x2 conditions: with or without subject heading, with an email response form or a website response form. 249 people answered. Response rates for the 4 conditions were remarkably consistent: 22%, 20%, 22%, 19%. Comparing invitation addresses against responding addresses, no category of websites was over- or under-represented in the responses.
Although responses came from 32 countries, 53% were from USA, 28% from Europe. 82% of webmasters are male, 93% have post-secondary education. Ages ranged from 15 to 75. Mean age was 38, and less than 1% were teenagers. 46% described their site as commercial, 30% educational, 21% personal. 56% worked alone, 16% in a team of more than 5 people. For 54%, webmastering is a job. The average webmaster is running 4 websites.
Whether or not webmasters had a passive style ("build it and they will come") or an active style was measured by whether or not they indexed the sites with search engines, used attractive graphics, sought out awards, linked to other sites, and sought feedback. 5 sites did none of these things, 8 did all of them.
Factor analysis of motivations behind webmastering produced four uncorrelated factors, with the following interpretive labels, % of variance explained, and contributing motivations:

1)HACKER 25% *control a mini world *join counter-culture *win awards
2)ARTIST 15% *solve problems *pride *artistic expression *amuse and entertain
3)CITIZEN 13% *provide a service *provide information *share interests
4)MARKETER 10% *promote a business *NOT share interests

Older webmasters tended to be North American, to have Citizen motives and more education. Younger webmasters tended to be European and to have Hacker motives.
Female webmasters tended to have a job making websites and to be experienced making websites.
American webmasters tended to be older than other webmasters and to have more Artist motives.
Active webmasters tended to have Artist, Hacker, or Marketer motives, to be less educated, and to spend a lot of time on their sites.



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