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Upper Maurice River Watershed Assoc.

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Welcome to Scotland Run Park
nature center
on Academy Street, Route 610
in Clayton, New Jersey



"Nature Lessons" are available to school groups, scouts and other interested groups who would like to find out about their local South Jersey environment. To register your group call (856) 881-0845 or for information, ask for our "Scotland Run Park Nature Center Environmental Education Program" Guide. Usually Nature lessons are offered between 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, for schools.


Did You Know?
The Maurice River is: 50 miles long
Drains 386 square miles of land
Home to more than half of New Jersey's threatened species of plants and animals
A critical stopover for migratory birds on the Atlantic flyway..

Great Fishing to be done here..


Interesting Notes:

Everyone Lives in a Watershed
Many people have never heard of the word "Watershed" or know of its importance. A watershed is an area of land that drains water to a certain point, such as a stream, lake or river! You are always in a watershed. So, the things you do in your yard or in your Neighborhood affect larger watersheds downstream.
If you live in: Glassboro, Washington Township, Monroe, Elk, Franklin, Clayton, or Newfield, then you live in the Upper Maurice River Watershed. Streams within the watershed include Scotland Run, Still Run, Little Ease Run, Reed Branch, and Indian Branch. Along these tributaries are found Garrison Lake, Silver Lake, lona Lake, Franklinville Lake, Wilson Lake, and Malaga Lake. All of which were newly formed by early damming as a source for power mills.
Water quality of the Upper Maurice River is generally good except in some areas where agriculture or urban development has increased the nutrient/pollutant run-off into adjacent streams and lakes; residents are only beginning to recognize the need for greenways and protection of open spaces adjoining these waters. The certainty of much more development within this part of Gloucester County makes such measures essential for the future health of the Upper Maurice River Watershed.



If you live in Clayton, Glassboro, Newfield, or, Monroe, Washington, Eik and Franklin
Townships, then you are a part of the Upper Maurice River Watershed and your actions make an
impact on the health of our nearby lakes and streams...
Scotland Run, Still Run, Little Ease Run, Reed Branch and Indian Branch as well as Garrison
Lake, Silver Lake, lona Lake, Franklinville Lake, Wilson Lake, Malaga Lake and Willow Grove
Lake are all located in this water system.
The goal of the Association is to increase public awareness and stewardship of our local
waterways, by offering social and educational programs throughout the year. Some of the
activities will include, a "Water Festival" at Scotland Run Park., Water quality monitoring
training and team formation, a series of lake/stream walks, a
storm drain stencilling campaign, and lots of other fun and educational programs.
If you would like to be a part of the action, join the Upper Maurice River Watershed
Association and "Make a Splash"!
Future meetings for the Advisory Group are tenatively scheduled for the fourth Wednesday of
the month. at 7pm at the Scotland Run Park Nature Center.

The Watershed Advisory Group has decided to combine meetings with the Monitoring
Committee. This will make the meetings more efficient and there will be one less meeting to
attend!! The Advisory Group has scheduled meetings for
Fourth Wednesday of each month
at 7pm, in the Nature Center.

Something to think about:

Imagine going through a day, or even a few hours for that matter, without water.
Think about the first hour you get out of bed. Without water, you couldn't enjoy
a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Forget about taking a shower, brushing your teeth
or flushing your toilet. Our lives would be dramatically affected if we didn't have water.
Yet, most of us take it for granted. We turn on the faucet and don't think about where
it comes from or where it goes. One thing is certain, we can't live without it.

Gloucester County has experienced tremendous growth in the past 20 years.
With this growth comes the need to protect our watersheds so that reliable water
sources can be counted on for future generations. You can be a part of the action
to protect our water-sheds by becoming involved in the Upper Maurice River
Watershed Group. New faces and fresh ideas are always welcome.
Future meetings are scheduled at Scotland Run Park.
Future events include storm drain stencilling, stream monitoring and a summer water festival.

Get Involved:

Never throw anything down storm drains.
Don't litter.
Refrain from using fertilizers and pesticides
Clean up after your pets.
Recycle motor oil.
Conserve water whenever possible.
Plant a tree.
Tell a neighbor or friend about watersheds.

Planting a tree The Nature Club at work:

First you have to find the perfect spot
checking it out
then you have to dig the hole
getting into it
this is how its done
then stand back and be proud..

Contact Us:

phone Phone Number
(856) 881-0845 or (856) 881-3618

Snal MailMailing Address
Gloucester Couty Parks & Recreation
6 Blackwood-Barnsboro Road
Sewell, New Jersey 08080


Scotland Run Park is located on (Academy Street) old Clayton-Williamstown Road, (Rt. 610) in Clayton, New Jersey..

Area Map
<--to Claytonmapto Williamstown-->


What's New:

Self-guided signs that identify interesting features along the trail
are being installed on Helen S. Brown Nature Trail, located behind
the Nature Center. A new playground, located in the picnic
area near the beach, is nearly complete. So come on down
and check out the new stuff.

Schedule of Events: Spring/Summer 2003 Season

GLOUCESTER COUNTY WATER FEST - Sunday, June 1, 2003 from 11 a.m.-4 p.m

BIRD WALKS - Tuesdays.(May 20, June 17, July 15, & August 19 starts 6p.m.)

KID'S NATURE CRAFTS - Wednesdays (August 6, August 13, & August 20) start 10 am.

GARDENING CLASSES - Thursdays (May 29, June 12) start 7 p.m.

KIDS NATURE DETECTIVES - July 7 - August 1 9 am-12 noon (FEE)

NATURE DETECTIVES CAMPOUT - Friday & Saturday, August 1 & 2 - 5 pm till 12 noon.

SUMMER NATURE STUDIESY - Tuesday (August 5, August 12, August 19, & August 26 ) start 10 am


GLOUCESTER COUNTY PARKS ECOTOURS -.Monday-Friday, August 25-August 29 start 10am





The Herb Society of America, South Jersey unit, is maintaining a small garden at the
Scotland Run Park Nature Center. A variety of lemon scented and flavored herbs and plants
that are historical, culinary and medicinal are featured.
Many of the plants that border the garden are known as scented geraniums . These plants
are not true geraniums, rather, they are pelagoriums, a tender perennial from south Africa.
There are over one hundred varieties of this wonderfully scented plant. Many of these plants are
edible such as the Lemon Rober"s rose geranium, which is used to flavor cakes. The Citronella
geranium is sold as the mosquito plant in catalogues, though it doesn't keep mosquitoes away
until a leaf is picked and rubbed on exposed skin.
A favorite herb is the Lemon Verbena, located in front of the bench in the herb garden.
This plant has the intense fragrance of lemon peef and can be made into a delightful tea,
used to flavor culinary dishes or to scent potpourri. Also featured in the garden is Lemon daylily,
which has a beautiful light fragrance and is edible, as are many daylilies.
We invite the public totouch and sniff the herbs, but please don't pick! This way all can enjoy
the fragrances of this diverse lemon scented flora.
The Herb Society invites all to join and learn about herbs and their uses. Please contact Jaye
Schneider, membership committee, at 694-4272 (days) or 582-0729 (eve.) or Lorraine Keifer,
chairperson, at 6944272.

How can you take your students for a walk in the woods and avoid ticks, and the heat? The answer is, go in the winter time!
The Nature Lesson Program at Scotland Run Park provides a hands on Outdoor experience that cannot be duplicated in the classroom. By exploring the Natural World, students can get a better understanding and appreciation of our environment that fosters care and concern in their daily lives. Many of the Nature Lesson offerings are perfectly suited for the Winter. Nature happens throughout the year.
And Scouts , some troops have been taking advantage of the long dark evenings and have been going on Twilight Hikes on the Nature Trail (guided of course, and without flashlights).

Nature Lessons are available upon request..
Call (856) 881-0845 for information.

Chances are if you live in Clayton, Glassboro, Newfield or Monroe, Washington, Elk and Franklin Townships, you live in the Upper Maurice River Watershed. So help the environment where YOU live and join us for some of the activities and programs that are being offered. You are also invited to become a part of the Watershed Group. General meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month, and the Water monitoring subcommittee meets on the second Tuesday of the month, both at 7 p.m. The meetings are at the Scotland Run Park Nature Center.

Stephen M. Sweeney- Director
Frank J. DiMarco - Freeholder Liaison
and the Parks and Recreation Advisory Council

PLEASE REGISTER BY CALLING (856) 881-0845 or (856) 881-3618


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