Ralph J. Johnsonbaugh

535 Whig Lane, Glassboro, New Jersey 08028

Phone: (609)-932-4471

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Ralph J Johnsonbaugh
535 Whig Lane
Glassboro, NJ 08028-3404

[e-mail] ralph@diskworks.com
609-932-4471 ( 24/7 Text, message or voice mail)

Key Qualifications
More than 20 years of well-rounded experience in injection molding and automated robotic handling. 5 years experience mechanical & electrical assembly. 23 years total in clean room environment & procedures. ISO 9000 & ISO 14000 policy training.

14+ Years in Business registered in the State of New Jersey under the name of Disk Works of South Jersey involving internet web page design (personal & business), scanning photos & documents. The business offers a URL Submission service and advertizing through various web sites. Page ranking experience for search engin listings .I sell retail through two of my web sites of which I have 5 domains (diskworks.com, elktownship.com, collectorscorner.org, johnsonbaugh.com) All internet skills are self taught, I learn on a need to know basis.


Educational Courses taken Rowan (work related). 5+ certificates issued (available apon request)

Boiler, Black Seal Course completed with document of attendence.

2 years Vending & Repair Course, Franklinville, NJ

Diploma, Delsea Regional High School

Previous Work / Consultancy Experience

Contract 1099 Driver:
October 2015 to present
Driving route from Mountain Side NJ to Virtura Hospital, Transporting specimen's
July 2015 - October 2015
Route Driver for National Lab Express New York, driving routes for LabCorp in Bristol PA
Document time (arrival-departure), mileage, amount of specimen's picked up & delivered.



Employed at Westward Pharmaceutical, 2 Esterbrook Lane, Cherry Hill, NJ

March 2010 - December 2013

Working 3rd shift as set-up, change over mechanic & Responsible for repairs and PM on all Packaging, Inspection & filling room machinery. Clean room certified. Filled and packaged Liquid injectables in a Class 1000 clean room environment & highly trained on all FDA procedures.



Employed at Baxter Pharmaceutical, Cherry Hill, NJ

August 2006 - March 2010

Working 3rd shift as set-up, change over mechanic & Responsible for repairs and PM on all Packaging and Inspection machinery. Clean room certified. Filled and packaged Liquid injectables in a Class 1000 clean room environment & highly trained on all FDA procedures.


Disk Works of South Jersey

March 1996 - present

Self employed business full/part time as needed during this period of years. Responsible for Web Page design, all content up-dates. Work on retail sites for customers from design to point of sale. Replace sold items with new inventory. I do customer service, order fullfillment, whole sale buying, retail selling, order processing, shipping & packing. This is my own business and I run all aspects from frontend to back end. ie: Bookkeeper, accounts payable accounts receivable, data entry, sales, inventroy. I do ot all.


Sony Music Ent. Lambs Road, Pitman NJ

January 1988 - June 2005

Senior Mechanic / press room. Responsible for assessing and repairing injection mold machines, robotic automated handing, inspection machines, printers and coaters. Plant maintance as needed. Automated packaging and paletizer repairing. Worked on complete re-tooling of plant in 1988 & 2002, instilation of machinery and startup.


Elkins-Sinn Pharmaceutical, Cherry Hill, NJ

August 1985 - January 1988

Responsible for repairs and PM on all Clean Room machinery. Filled and packaged Liquid injectables. Class 1000 clean room environment & procedures. Also worked Form Fill & Seal machine in packaging area, shrink tunnels and general packaging area as needed.


K-Tron Corp. Glassboro / Pitman

September 1980 - August 1985

Responsible for building weigh scales for commercial mixing & batching. All phases of electrical and mechanical assembly & testing. Spent 1 year in metal finishing & welding area of plant. Involved with make ready and movement of machinery from Glassboro plant to Pitman plant.


W.F.Hellyer Inc., Aura NJ

July 1974 - September 1980

Truck driver / heavy equipment operator (bulldozer, backhoe). Tree trimming and removal. Landscaping, sod instilation, shrubs, drivways ect.


Caddy Corp, Pitman NJ

May 1974 - July 1974

Assemble, test and pack stainless steel equipment used in hospitals and food service companys.


Philboro Coach Corp, Pitman NJ

October 1972 - May 1974

Serviced and did light repairs to bus fleet. Tires/bellows/general ware parts. Cleaned/washed for next day service.

JLP Vending, EggHarbor, NJ

July 1972 - October 1972

Operated company vending route in South Jersey. Installed, stocked and repaired soda/snack machines as needed.


Pioneer Metal Corp, Franklinville, NJ

October 1970- June 1972 PT

Racked, Polished and Packaged Chrome Plated Parts. Operated Forklife, Handtruck

Other Technical Skills

Proficient use of all hand tools & most machine shop equipment. (Drill press, grinder, lathe, glass beed, ploisher ect.)

Proficient in the use of any type of wood working equipment. (power saw, jig saw, drills, sanders ect.)

Highly proficient (self taught) in web design, devolopment & construction. Can handle most software applactions along with scanning & faxing


Web Design Links / Portfolio

The following are some examples of my web designs:

· Disk Works of South Jersey ( http://www.diskworks.com )

· Disk Works of South Jersey ( http://www.diskworks.com/carport )

· Elk Township on-line. ( http://www.elktownship.com )

· Collectors Corner. ( http://www.collectorscorner.org/supplies.html )

· Collectors Corner, coin collecting web site ( http://www.collectorscorner.org )

Hobbies and Interests

· Web & Graphic Design. Computers in general.

· Coin Collecting.

· Antiques and other collectables

· Wood Working


· Frank D. Pickering (609)768-0477

· Art Lewis (856)881-4076

· Roland F. Kaelin (856)582-2442

· Carl Ferrara (856) 218-1202

· Charles Ehly (856) 547-1451

Ralph J Johnsonbaugh
535 Whig Lane
Glassboro, New Jersey 08028-3404


Ralph J Johnsonbaugh
e-mail. mailto:ralph@diskworks.com

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